“Hanover” Gang Steals Appalachian Trail Sanctuary

This video covers the July eviction and Dave’s escapades at the two most recent Selectboard meetings.

Someone from Hanover stopped me on the street last month and asked how they could help. Short of having several grand lying around, the best way you, read readers and viewers, can help is by spreading and sharing the videos and blogposts, particucularly to Upper Valley and Hanover, NH related social media. The despicable villains behind this conflict are nearly constantly caught in lies or schemes which get exposed by Dave and myself in nearly every video. By just having five minute conversations with apolitical friends and neighbors I’ve converted them to Dave’s side. So please spread these links around like wildfire, if you know a journalist (even from the Valley News) or local bigwig please feel free to share these materials with them, even just for the exposure’s sake. Thank you and together we’ll win this and keep Mink Brook asphalt waste free and out of the hands of the Dartmouth Mafia.


A word about property taxes: you’re supposed to pay property taxes every year until you’re dead, so it’s effectively a debt you can never pay fully off. And what do we call being forced to pay off a debt that can’t be fully paid off? Slavery.

Dartmouth Mafia Exposed!

I took a break from Keene and returned to Hanover where I met up with Dave and recorded a powerful hour long podcast exposing Dartmouth’s and the Town of Hanover’s oppression against Dave, among other musings.

Podcast link: http://questioningauthority.libsyn.com/shanty-town-special-dartmouth-mafia-exposed

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fnjhZp8sCo

Vermont Economy Under Attack By Orwellian Carbon Tax Proposal

Since I (thankfully) don’t live in Vermont I’m considering on just not covering it anymore. So many sheeple and nanny state stories have come out from there that I might have to stop writing about all of them for both my mental health and to save on bandwidth.

The Valley News reports of a new carbon tax proposal given the Orwellian title: The Economy Strengthening Strategic Energy Exchange (ESSEX) plan. Yes, it’s “economy strengthening” just like the Ministry of Truth’s main function was telling the truth.

Democrat Representative Sarah Copeland-Hanzas of Bradford is planning on introducing the legislation.

In the past she’s shown a great dislike of Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul. In the article I linked she derided his desire to replace the income with a flat tax, which she claiming was “effectively raising taxes on middle class Americans.”

Fun fact: both are unconstitutional.

Sarah’s words have come back to bite her, however, as her carbon tax plan would do just that: hurt Vermont’s middle class.

The article quotes Vermont Republican Governor Phil Scott’s office, which said the plan would “add cost burdens for many Vermont families who spend more on transportation and heating than they do on electricity.”

The executive director of the Vermont Fuel Dealers Association was interviewed and said that the proposal would lead to higher transportation costs (that’s kinda a big deal up here in northern New England) and even predicted that those cost increases could lead to higher goods (i.e. milk and grocery) prices. Anyone with an ounce of common sense would know that increased goods prices affect the poor the most.

Democrat House Speaker Mitzi Johnson understands this, saying of carbon tax plans: “I haven’t seen one that really thoroughly balances the needs of low-income and rural Vermonters.”

Copeland-Hanzas was ambivalent to these concerns, saying:

“The fact of the matter is we need to make this transformation. If we are going to liberate ourselves form the yoke of fossil fuel and from being at the beck and call of OPEC, we have to make this transformation.”

No, “we” don’t. Your job as a state house representative is to serve your district, not the “climate change” agenda. Politicians need to get these economy-destroying delusions of grandeur out of their heads, pronto.

Eventually the article mentions that the proposal was co-authored by a local business owner, who the article says “market forces have punished him for making other investments in greener energy technology.”

What a great lesson in entrepreneurship; make up for your failure in the free market by lobbying the government to help recoup your losses at the expense of the taxpayer.

The amount of BS the proposal’s supports spew in the rest of the article should be enough for them to get booed off the stage by most voters, even in Vermont (as a matter of fact two Orange County Democrat Reps were voted out for just allegedly being open to a carbon tax).

Oh boy Vermont’s solar energy economy is booming thanks to smart business people and smart politicians! Doesn’t that sound nice, sheeple? Reminds me of something called Solyndra. I wonder how that turned out.

I won’t bother boring you with a rant on basic free market principles and economics, so I’ll destroy their little fantasy with just one question:

If Vermont’s clean energy industry is such a good idea and so good for the state, why does it need the government’s’ help to stay afloat?

An industry that requires government assistance isn’t an industry; it’s a racket. The point isn’t to save the environment, it’s to make someone rich at the expense of the lower class and taxpayers.

The only positive thing that a government can do for an economy is to leave it alone.

*Featured image is Ben Garrison’s “Al Gore’s Climate Change Express”

Upper Valley Sheeple Beg To Have Their Rights Taken

I originally intended to avoid featuring content taken from Facebook because I want to focus on serious issues and not pointless drama.

However, after spending almost a month on a local community facebook group I discovered that the Upper Valley does have a serious issue: too many sheeple begging to have their rights taken.

Tonight I saw a post asking for local gun control groups to join.

A scary number of “residents” (i.e. mostly flatlanders) exposed themselves as sheeple and enthusiastically posted their “helpful” suggestions. Luckily gun control isn’t too popular these days and all the suggestions were the usual suspects: out-of-state funded groups.

Gun control advocates never have good intentions just as slave owners don’t. Both want to forcibly strip peaceful people of their rights to bear arms, which on a basic level is both the right to defend oneself from aggression and to own certain types of property. The only difference I can see is that slavers these days do their own dirty work while gun control advocates want to have the government do the dirty work for them.

I suggest you go to Cuba or some other authoritarian hellhole if you want to be in a place where people can’t own guns, because there’s no way they’ll take them in the United States. I’m here to tell you:


Hartford “Social Justice Committee” Falls Apart After Members Throw Adult Temper Tantrum

Hartford, Vermont’s Committee on Racial Injustice has seen three of its members resign, including Chairperson Olivia Lapierre, according to this Valley News article. Please read the Valley News article yourself for the important details on this adult temper tantrum and keep this tab open to understand why the Committee falling apart is actually a step in the right direction for race relations in the Upper Valley.

Lapierre is quoted in the piece saying: “I don’t owe white people my time, my patience, my kindness.”

Imagine if a white city employee in Flint, Michigan said the same exact sentence except for replacing “white” with “black”. Doesn’t that sound racist in that context? The truth is that statement is racist in both contexts. That begs the question of why did the Committee on Racial Injustice allow its Chairwoman (the politically correct term is Chairperson, by the way, Valley News) to make a racially charged statement like that without so much as a single objection from the committee?

The way I imagine how the resignations went.

Despite what some may think after reading enough of my rhetoric I am not an unreasonable person. In the way human society is shaped at the moment I understand why well-intentioned supporters of the state think government is necessary. After all, the Founding Fathers couldn’t have just declared the Thirteen Colonies an anarchist paradise and not expect the British to come back with their government sponsored war machine and take over again. Rather, they created the freest form of government the world had ever seen at the time. Most of the Founding Fathers believed that government was an insidious instrument necessary to protect life, liberty, and property.

With the original purpose of the American political system in mind, I find it hard to believe that anyone is able to justify how the Racial Inequality Committee serves to protect life, liberty, or property? I don’t remember reading the “Right to not feel offended” amendment in the Bill of Rights. Maybe Lapierre and the other committee members should have read the Constitution before using the force of the state to ram their ideology down taxpayers’ throats.

When first drafting this article in my head my first idea was to highlight Lapierre’s anti-white racism, but I figured that would play right into the hands of the race baiters and social engineers who want to drive a wedge between whites and people of color in the community. These people and their government sponsors actually WANT higher racial tensions in the country because racial tensions create hatred, hatred creates fear, and fear is the excuse the government uses to take away our rights. Just look to the riots that happened in Ferguson after the 2014 shooting of Mike Brown. Brown’s stepfather shouted “Burn this bitch down” to a crowd of angry African Americans and the next thing you know every police station in America is requesting an armored vehicle and other military weapons intended to be used on the American people.

I’ve met plenty of oppressed people of color living at Dave’s place, and are they being oppressed by white property owner Dave or any of the other whites living down at Mink Brook?

No, they, like many lower and middle class Americans of every race, color, and creed, are being oppressed by the cabal of elitists who run this county and their social engineer lackies like Lapierre who foment racial strife to get the people fighting amongst themselves to distract them from the real enemy.

Hopefully without the “leadership” of Lapierre the Committee will disband and its supporters realize that if they really want to help heal racial tensions in their community, they need to say NO to the government.

*The featured graphic that in my opinion accurately portrays the attitudes of the Committee members is  a classic Ben Garrison cartoon, check out his site for more great liberty oriented cartoons)

Hanover Town Manager Julia Griffin Cheerleads Crackdown on 12-Year Old Unpaid Parking Tickets

After years of polluting Hanover’s water supply with asphalt waste and stealing property from disabled people the Town of Hanover is now going after unpaid parking tickets, some dating back from 12 years ago.

You can read the fully story on the Valley News website here. It was written by popular columnist Jim Kenyon, who left a great impression on me when I met him once back in High School. Some would say that his style of opinion writing influenced the “style” I’m writing in today.

Using new Orwellian software, “parking czar” Sgt. Jeff Ballard claims that there are 14,500 unpaid tickets totaling in $250,000 in late fees, with the oldest apparently being from 2005.

Also according to the article the Town has already used the software to shake down some citizens who dared park their vehicle on public property.

I mention the Town’s practice of asphalt waste dumping in the beginning of this piece not because I share Dave’s obsession with it but because they almost certainly dump it where they do to save on costs.

And as usual with governments they’re spending more than they’re taking in/saving so they have to find another source of wealth to plunder. In this case the Town decided to target motorists and Town Manager Julia Griffin is more than happy to be the crackdown’s cheerleader.

Kenyon describes her as having a “gleam in her eye” when informing him that “…there’s no statute of limitations on parking tickets”.

That’s probably as close as “I’ll get you my pretty! And your little wallet too!” we can get from Griffin.

queen julia
Queen Julia the Worst demands coin for the crown!

It’s beyond me why people put up with parking meters; one of the main reasons people give for paying taxes is for the government to maintain the infrastructure and now we have to pay extra to use it?

My advice to anyone reading this who might be the target of this crackdown is to fight the ticket in court. If enough people bring their tickets to court it would quickly become too expensive for the Town to continue pursuing them. For more information on this course of action Robin Hood of Keene has kindly put together this flyer to explain the process (I might make a Hanover specific one in the soon future and update the article with it).

Robin Hooding, the practice of rescuing motorists from parking enforcers by feeding expired meters, is sort of a Keene thing but with “Queen” Julia the Worst stamping up enforcement I think that it might catch on in Hanover.

Who knows maybe I might try my hand at it.

One-Year Anniversary of Town of Hanover’s Armed Robbery of Citizen’s Personal Property

Dave messaged me this morning reminding me that today is the one-year anniversary of him getting brutally arrested and having his truck and year’s supply of firewood stolen by the criminal gang that calls itself the “Town of Hanover”.

I already went over in decent detail the way Dave was abused by the Town’s hired goons in the video linked below:

One thing I will is that in the affidavit was that the state requested the affidavit and the arrest warrant were kept sealed for 30 days after Dave’s arrest for reasons of  “public and officer safety”.


To paraphrase the words of late radio show host Bill Cooper, “if an organization does anything in secret, it’s probably because they’re not supposed to be doing it!”

Dave told me that when he was released on bail part of the conditions were that he was to remain inside his house and not interfere with the Town’s violation of his property rights, which sickens me knowing that he and his tenants had to go without firewood for last year’s winter.

According to the Valley News the excuse the Town gave for their criminal behavior was that “his possessions mar the natural landscape and impede travel through the area”.

I would laugh if the situation wasn’t so serious. First off the Town doesn’t give a damn about travel through the area considering that the Select Board has insisted time after time that maintaining the driveway leading down to the Tanzi Nature Preserve through Lebanon Street isn’t the Town’s job.

Second, a lot of the property they stole or straight up destroyed actually rested on Dave’s property in the first place. I personally saw where the Town bulldozed roughly ten feet into where they said his property line was, damaging some of the property they let him keep.

It’s been a year now and Dave still hasn’t gotten back his truck and no one “in charge” seems to want to tell him what has happened to it.

For any sycophants of the state reading this thinking: “He didn’t listen to the court order they had a right to take his stuff!” you’re not just morally wrong (thinking the government has a right to steal private property just for being on PUBLIC land that Dave pays taxes for) but also wrong according to the government’s own rules.

According to the ALCU in order for the government to “legally” steal from a citizen the property must have been involved in a crime that has allegedly taken place. To quote from the Valley News video: “There is no crime for having a messy yard.”

It was a flat out heist, except instead of wearing cool suits and glasses like the Reservoir Dogs the criminals hide behind badges and the threat of government violence.

The Story So Far…

The idea of Free Hanover didn’t start with this website. It didn’t even start with the youtube channel. Free Hanover started as an idea. An idea that the citizens of the town of Hanover and the greater Upper Valley community deserve to live in peace and without fear of violence from the glorified gang known as government.

You may call me Vincent Freeman, and I like many others used to be blind to the criminal actions committed by my town’s government in the name of “public good”.

I used to even work as a contractor for the government until I discovered the plight of David Vincelette. David is known for many things. Retired veteran by his country. Environmentalist by the spirit of the land he protects. Skilled carpenter by those he works with. Homeless advocate by those he gives shelter to without even a second thought. Local nutjob by brainwashed slaves of the state. A problem by the corrupt officials running Hanover into the ground. To me, however, I know him as my friend and part-time mentor Dave.

For years the criminal gang that calls itself “The Town of Hanover” has been aggressing against  Dave. The aggression started with years of dumping asphalt waste in his water supply and gradually progressed to outright stealing his property (they call it “confiscating”) and sending armed thugs (Hanover Police and Grafton County Sheriff’s Department) to put him in chains and throw him into their prison.

Dave has fared remarkably well against this onslaught considering this type of government harassment has driven others in New Hampshire to suicide. In his own words any normal person would have quit a long time ago, but Dave isn’t a normal person; he’s an extraordinary person. Dave doesn’t stand for injustice and he doesn’t quit. He harkens back to the original settlers of this region: hard working, honest, and kind towards the land and his fellow humans; traits many people in the region seemed to have lost as the carpetbaggers, attracted like flies to honey by Dartmouth College and Hospital, moved in. It makes me proud to say I stand by him in his cause.

This kind of activism isn’t easy for me; I’ve lost friends because of the Town propaganda saying I’m crazy, I’ve lost peace of mind worrying that every cop in town I see might hold a grudge against me for exposing their dirty work and I’m pretty sure I’ve lost several gigs due to economic pressure put out by the Town.

Has it been worth it? Hell yes it has been. Dave reports that he’s won 6/8 of his court cases against the Town (something the local news has neglected to report on). The Town has backed off in its latest land grab (so far). Town Manager Julia Griffin and Select Board Chair Peter Christie have both been exposed in their conspiracy against Dave and at the time of writing 16,000 people have seen Public Works Director Peter Kulbacki admit to spreading asphalt waste on Moose Mountain.

I’m not ready to make nice and I sure as hell will never back down. I’m never going to stop opposing the injustices happening in this community, and if I’m not there to stop it in person I’m going to document it for the whole world to see. And this is where I welcome you, dear reader, to help Dave, myself and our band of backwoods misfits in our quest to protect Mink Brook and the community from the tyranny of its government.

I’ll end this first post with the last thing Dave said to me before I started this site:

“We’re winning this thing, it’s just no one else knows it yet.”

Stay tuned!