Free Hanover is a website dedicated to spreading liberty through the Upper Valley area, although its two New Hampshire counties will always be its main focus. You will probably find that I write a lot about the ongoing Siege of Mink Brook by the Town of Hanover* primarily because I’m currently the only known AND active liberty activist in Hanover and probably the Upper Valley (Grafton County is known as the place where NH liberty activists go to die, as stated once by my colleague Ian Freeman, owner of Free Keene) and this is what I find to be the most pressing matter to write about.

That isn’t to say that I won’t cover anything else. If there’s tyranny or liberty happenings going on in the UV that you know about please let me know about it through freehanover.com/contact and I probably put up an article about it, just keep in mind I won’t be able to get as involved as I am with Mink Brook. I try and report the news not make it.

*to avoid any confusion when I say “Town” or “Town of Hanover” I exclusively mean the criminal gang that calls itself the government. Usually I refer to the geographic area simply as “Hanover” or “town” with a lowercase T.