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The number one thing that YOU can help me out with is to spread the word about the show. For example, whenever someone asks for suggestions on what to listen to or talks about a topic that we cover frequently you can say “You might enjoy Questioning Authority. It’s a call-in show podcast that broadcasts Saturday nights at 10 on and say whatever else you like about it.

Definitely also please spread and share the show on social media. I’m making a better effort to find good segments from the show and upload them to youtube for promotional purposes (which you can find and subscribe to here), so if you like or find relevant a clip of the show we put out or an entire episode please give it a share to expose others to the joy that is QA.

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Currently I’m only accepting cryptocurrency out of protest against the Federal Reserve, but if you really want to donate but don’t want to bother with crypto contact me at and we’ll work something out.

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