Hartford “Social Justice Committee” Falls Apart After Members Throw Adult Temper Tantrum

Hartford, Vermont’s Committee on Racial Injustice has seen three of its members resign, including Chairperson Olivia Lapierre, according to this Valley News article. Please read the Valley News article yourself for the important details on this adult temper tantrum and keep this tab open to understand why the Committee falling apart is actually a step in the right direction for race relations in the Upper Valley.

Lapierre is quoted in the piece saying: “I don’t owe white people my time, my patience, my kindness.”

Imagine if a white city employee in Flint, Michigan said the same exact sentence except for replacing “white” with “black”. Doesn’t that sound racist in that context? The truth is that statement is racist in both contexts. That begs the question of why did the Committee on Racial Injustice allow its Chairwoman (the politically correct term is Chairperson, by the way, Valley News) to make a racially charged statement like that without so much as a single objection from the committee?

The way I imagine how the resignations went.

Despite what some may think after reading enough of my rhetoric I am not an unreasonable person. In the way human society is shaped at the moment I understand why well-intentioned supporters of the state think government is necessary. After all, the Founding Fathers couldn’t have just declared the Thirteen Colonies an anarchist paradise and not expect the British to come back with their government sponsored war machine and take over again. Rather, they created the freest form of government the world had ever seen at the time. Most of the Founding Fathers believed that government was an insidious instrument necessary to protect life, liberty, and property.

With the original purpose of the American political system in mind, I find it hard to believe that anyone is able to justify how the Racial Inequality Committee serves to protect life, liberty, or property? I don’t remember reading the “Right to not feel offended” amendment in the Bill of Rights. Maybe Lapierre and the other committee members should have read the Constitution before using the force of the state to ram their ideology down taxpayers’ throats.

When first drafting this article in my head my first idea was to highlight Lapierre’s anti-white racism, but I figured that would play right into the hands of the race baiters and social engineers who want to drive a wedge between whites and people of color in the community. These people and their government sponsors actually WANT higher racial tensions in the country because racial tensions create hatred, hatred creates fear, and fear is the excuse the government uses to take away our rights. Just look to the riots that happened in Ferguson after the 2014 shooting of Mike Brown. Brown’s stepfather shouted “Burn this bitch down” to a crowd of angry African Americans and the next thing you know every police station in America is requesting an armored vehicle and other military weapons intended to be used on the American people.

I’ve met plenty of oppressed people of color living at Dave’s place, and are they being oppressed by white property owner Dave or any of the other whites living down at Mink Brook?

No, they, like many lower and middle class Americans of every race, color, and creed, are being oppressed by the cabal of elitists who run this county and their social engineer lackies like Lapierre who foment racial strife to get the people fighting amongst themselves to distract them from the real enemy.

Hopefully without the “leadership” of Lapierre the Committee will disband and its supporters realize that if they really want to help heal racial tensions in their community, they need to say NO to the government.

*The featured graphic that in my opinion accurately portrays the attitudes of the Committee members is  a classic Ben Garrison cartoon, check out his site for more great liberty oriented cartoons)

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