Dartmouth Mafia Exposed!

I took a break from Keene and returned to Hanover where I met up with Dave and recorded a powerful hour long podcast exposing Dartmouth’s and the Town of Hanover’s oppression against Dave, among other musings.

Podcast link: http://questioningauthority.libsyn.com/shanty-town-special-dartmouth-mafia-exposed

Youtube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fnjhZp8sCo

Upper Valley Sheeple Beg To Have Their Rights Taken

I originally intended to avoid featuring content taken from Facebook because I want to focus on serious issues and not pointless drama.

However, after spending almost a month on a local community facebook group I discovered that the Upper Valley does have a serious issue: too many sheeple begging to have their rights taken.

Tonight I saw a post asking for local gun control groups to join.

A scary number of “residents” (i.e. mostly flatlanders) exposed themselves as sheeple and enthusiastically posted their “helpful” suggestions. Luckily gun control isn’t too popular these days and all the suggestions were the usual suspects: out-of-state funded groups.

Gun control advocates never have good intentions just as slave owners don’t. Both want to forcibly strip peaceful people of their rights to bear arms, which on a basic level is both the right to defend oneself from aggression and to own certain types of property. The only difference I can see is that slavers these days do their own dirty work while gun control advocates want to have the government do the dirty work for them.

I suggest you go to Cuba or some other authoritarian hellhole if you want to be in a place where people can’t own guns, because there’s no way they’ll take them in the United States. I’m here to tell you:


Hanover Town Manager Julia Griffin Cheerleads Crackdown on 12-Year Old Unpaid Parking Tickets

After years of polluting Hanover’s water supply with asphalt waste and stealing property from disabled people the Town of Hanover is now going after unpaid parking tickets, some dating back from 12 years ago.

You can read the fully story on the Valley News website here. It was written by popular columnist Jim Kenyon, who left a great impression on me when I met him once back in High School. Some would say that his style of opinion writing influenced the “style” I’m writing in today.

Using new Orwellian software, “parking czar” Sgt. Jeff Ballard claims that there are 14,500 unpaid tickets totaling in $250,000 in late fees, with the oldest apparently being from 2005.

Also according to the article the Town has already used the software to shake down some citizens who dared park their vehicle on public property.

I mention the Town’s practice of asphalt waste dumping in the beginning of this piece not because I share Dave’s obsession with it but because they almost certainly dump it where they do to save on costs.

And as usual with governments they’re spending more than they’re taking in/saving so they have to find another source of wealth to plunder. In this case the Town decided to target motorists and Town Manager Julia Griffin is more than happy to be the crackdown’s cheerleader.

Kenyon describes her as having a “gleam in her eye” when informing him that “…there’s no statute of limitations on parking tickets”.

That’s probably as close as “I’ll get you my pretty! And your little wallet too!” we can get from Griffin.

queen julia
Queen Julia the Worst demands coin for the crown!

It’s beyond me why people put up with parking meters; one of the main reasons people give for paying taxes is for the government to maintain the infrastructure and now we have to pay extra to use it?

My advice to anyone reading this who might be the target of this crackdown is to fight the ticket in court. If enough people bring their tickets to court it would quickly become too expensive for the Town to continue pursuing them. For more information on this course of action Robin Hood of Keene has kindly put together this flyer to explain the process (I might make a Hanover specific one in the soon future and update the article with it).

Robin Hooding, the practice of rescuing motorists from parking enforcers by feeding expired meters, is sort of a Keene thing but with “Queen” Julia the Worst stamping up enforcement I think that it might catch on in Hanover.

Who knows maybe I might try my hand at it.