One-Year Anniversary of Town of Hanover’s Armed Robbery of Citizen’s Personal Property

Dave messaged me this morning reminding me that today is the one-year anniversary of him getting brutally arrested and having his truck and year’s supply of firewood stolen by the criminal gang that calls itself the “Town of Hanover”.

I already went over in decent detail the way Dave was abused by the Town’s hired goons in the video linked below:

One thing I will is that in the affidavit was that the state requested the affidavit and the arrest warrant were kept sealed for 30 days after Dave’s arrest for reasons of  “public and officer safety”.


To paraphrase the words of late radio show host Bill Cooper, “if an organization does anything in secret, it’s probably because they’re not supposed to be doing it!”

Dave told me that when he was released on bail part of the conditions were that he was to remain inside his house and not interfere with the Town’s violation of his property rights, which sickens me knowing that he and his tenants had to go without firewood for last year’s winter.

According to the Valley News the excuse the Town gave for their criminal behavior was that “his possessions mar the natural landscape and impede travel through the area”.

I would laugh if the situation wasn’t so serious. First off the Town doesn’t give a damn about travel through the area considering that the Select Board has insisted time after time that maintaining the driveway leading down to the Tanzi Nature Preserve through Lebanon Street isn’t the Town’s job.

Second, a lot of the property they stole or straight up destroyed actually rested on Dave’s property in the first place. I personally saw where the Town bulldozed roughly ten feet into where they said his property line was, damaging some of the property they let him keep.

It’s been a year now and Dave still hasn’t gotten back his truck and no one “in charge” seems to want to tell him what has happened to it.

For any sycophants of the state reading this thinking: “He didn’t listen to the court order they had a right to take his stuff!” you’re not just morally wrong (thinking the government has a right to steal private property just for being on PUBLIC land that Dave pays taxes for) but also wrong according to the government’s own rules.

According to the ALCU in order for the government to “legally” steal from a citizen the property must have been involved in a crime that has allegedly taken place. To quote from the Valley News video: “There is no crime for having a messy yard.”

It was a flat out heist, except instead of wearing cool suits and glasses like the Reservoir Dogs the criminals hide behind badges and the threat of government violence.

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