“Hanover” Gang Steals Appalachian Trail Sanctuary

This video covers the July eviction and Dave’s escapades at the two most recent Selectboard meetings.

Someone from Hanover stopped me on the street last month and asked how they could help. Short of having several grand lying around, the best way you, read readers and viewers, can help is by spreading and sharing the videos and blogposts, particucularly to Upper Valley and Hanover, NH related social media. The despicable villains behind this conflict are nearly constantly caught in lies or schemes which get exposed by Dave and myself in nearly every video. By just having five minute conversations with apolitical friends and neighbors I’ve converted them to Dave’s side. So please spread these links around like wildfire, if you know a journalist (even from the Valley News) or local bigwig please feel free to share these materials with them, even just for the exposure’s sake. Thank you and together we’ll win this and keep Mink Brook asphalt waste free and out of the hands of the Dartmouth Mafia.


A word about property taxes: you’re supposed to pay property taxes every year until you’re dead, so it’s effectively a debt you can never pay fully off. And what do we call being forced to pay off a debt that can’t be fully paid off? Slavery.

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