The Story So Far…

The idea of Free Hanover didn’t start with this website. It didn’t even start with the youtube channel. Free Hanover started as an idea. An idea that the citizens of the town of Hanover and the greater Upper Valley community deserve to live in peace and without fear of violence from the glorified gang known as government.

You may call me Vincent Freeman, and I like many others used to be blind to the criminal actions committed by my town’s government in the name of “public good”.

I used to even work as a contractor for the government until I discovered the plight of David Vincelette. David is known for many things. Retired veteran by his country. Environmentalist by the spirit of the land he protects. Skilled carpenter by those he works with. Homeless advocate by those he gives shelter to without even a second thought. Local nutjob by brainwashed slaves of the state. A problem by the corrupt officials running Hanover into the ground. To me, however, I know him as my friend and part-time mentor Dave.

For years the criminal gang that calls itself “The Town of Hanover” has been aggressing against  Dave. The aggression started with years of dumping asphalt waste in his water supply and gradually progressed to outright stealing his property (they call it “confiscating”) and sending armed thugs (Hanover Police and Grafton County Sheriff’s Department) to put him in chains and throw him into their prison.

Dave has fared remarkably well against this onslaught considering this type of government harassment has driven others in New Hampshire to suicide. In his own words any normal person would have quit a long time ago, but Dave isn’t a normal person; he’s an extraordinary person. Dave doesn’t stand for injustice and he doesn’t quit. He harkens back to the original settlers of this region: hard working, honest, and kind towards the land and his fellow humans; traits many people in the region seemed to have lost as the carpetbaggers, attracted like flies to honey by Dartmouth College and Hospital, moved in. It makes me proud to say I stand by him in his cause.

This kind of activism isn’t easy for me; I’ve lost friends because of the Town propaganda saying I’m crazy, I’ve lost peace of mind worrying that every cop in town I see might hold a grudge against me for exposing their dirty work and I’m pretty sure I’ve lost several gigs due to economic pressure put out by the Town.

Has it been worth it? Hell yes it has been. Dave reports that he’s won 6/8 of his court cases against the Town (something the local news has neglected to report on). The Town has backed off in its latest land grab (so far). Town Manager Julia Griffin and Select Board Chair Peter Christie have both been exposed in their conspiracy against Dave and at the time of writing 16,000 people have seen Public Works Director Peter Kulbacki admit to spreading asphalt waste on Moose Mountain.

I’m not ready to make nice and I sure as hell will never back down. I’m never going to stop opposing the injustices happening in this community, and if I’m not there to stop it in person I’m going to document it for the whole world to see. And this is where I welcome you, dear reader, to help Dave, myself and our band of backwoods misfits in our quest to protect Mink Brook and the community from the tyranny of its government.

I’ll end this first post with the last thing Dave said to me before I started this site:

“We’re winning this thing, it’s just no one else knows it yet.”

Stay tuned!

One thought on “The Story So Far…

  1. God Bless you Vincent! I woke this morning and remembered that today is the one year anniversary of being illegally blockaded on my property. Seeing this was a shot in the arm. Never give up (I’m reminding myself).
    Thank you. Being alone is challenging. Having even one person who cares enough to stand up helps me so much. No greater love than this, that we lay our lives down for each other. For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son that we might live. We have been given Life, Liberty and Freedom by God. Our Government was established to preserve our freedom not to lie, pollute our children, silence and abuse whistle blowers and misuse all levers of power to torture Truth seekers. Nake won weio. Hoka hey. Live Free or Die!


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